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To Aleppo With Love – Mrabba Al-Bathenjan Al-Halabi

November 30th, 2016


Mrabba Al-Bathenjan Al-Halabi (Aleppine Eggplant Jam) is slightly different from previous Mrabba Al-Bathenjan. Mrabba Al-Bathenjan Al-Halabi is flavored with cinnamon and clove, stuffed with chopped walnuts and served as a dessert with coffee, while Mrabba Al-Bathenjan is served for breakfast with bread and cheese.

Let’s make Mrabba Al-Bathenjan Al-Halabi:


To Aleppo With Love – Ghraibeh Bel-Fustuq Al-Halabi

October 31st, 2016


The Syrian pistachio tree is known since Assyrians age. The origin of this tree goes back to Al-Batim Tree in the Mediterranean sea basin and Middle East regions; however, the original place of the Syrian pistachio is Syria (Ein Al-Tina). Many references refer to this kind as (Pistachio – Pistacia vera L.) known since 3500 years BC in West Asia and “Great Syria” countries. The Aleppo pistachio is attributed to Aleppo city which is the traditional area for planting this tree since long ages; therefore, whenever Aleppo city is mentioned, we have to mention the Aleppo pistachio (Fustuq Halabi). In Aleppo, the pistachio blossomed producing a dozen varieties, a unique diversity. These varieties differ both in the color and the size of the fruit on the tree. As the taste and scent, the soil and position of the trees provide the variations. Pistachio is important ingredient in the traditional cuisine of Aleppo.

Ghraibeh is a shortbread type biscuit, and today’s recipe is Ghraibeh Bel-Fustuq Al-Halabi (Pistachio Ghraibeh) which is similar to original Ghraibeh but made with pistachio.

Let’s make Ghraibeh Bel-Fustuq Al-Halabi:



July 2nd, 2016

Ma’amoul are small shortbread pastries filled with dates, orange “my mom’s creation”, walnuts, pistachios, or occasionally cheese, loukoum or other fillings. They can be decorated by hand or in special wooden molds. They are very popular in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and other Levantine countries. The smell of freshly baked Ma’amoul spreading throughout the place is an Eid ritual. Many of you have asked me about Ma’amoul recipe, so here it is.

Let’s make Ma’amoul:



May 28th, 2016

Dimah - -Mahia 91 500

Mahia is one of the sweets prepared for Nisf Sha’aban, it is a speciality of Hama. In Hama, people usually buy it and don’t bother making it at home. I asked for the recipe and it actually took few attempts until I got a result almost similar to Mahia Sold in Hama. Although the ingredients are simple (sugar, water, semolina, rose water), the process of making mahia requires patience and practice. 

Let’s make Mahia:


To Aleppo With Love – Ka’ek Al-Eid Al-Maleh

April 28th, 2016

Ka’ek Al-Eid Al-Maleh is a specialty of Aleppo, salty ring cookies seasoned with “mahlab, anise, fennel, and cumin”. This Ka’ek is my favorite, the smell and the taste of it always bring me back to all the beautiful moments in Aleppo. Try it and you will be addicted to it.

Let’s make Ka’ek Al-Eid Al-Maleh: